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For some residents of our apartments on East Oltorf, decorating is as easy as unpacking. For others, it’s a drawn out process that requires weeks of trial and error. This blog is for those of you who fall into the latter category. Finding your perfect style isn’t easy, but with a few bis of advice, we think you’ll be well on your way to creating the apartment you’ve always imagined.


Before you find your style, you need to establish the fundamental needs for your apartment. You can buy all the extravagant wall-art and throw pillows you want, but if you don’t have the fundamentals down, your apartment will look like a mess. In this blog, we’ll tell you which pieces you need to nail down first, before you start getting all fancy on us.


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Remember: You can never have enough surface area


Normal-sized apartments often seem small because they’re missing things. Some people choose to go without a coffee table for the sake of space. Others decide that they don’t need end tables, or large lamps that take up a lot of room. We’re here to tell people that less is not always more. If you choose to go without certain apartment necessities, you might make your space seem smaller than it actually is, even if you do have more open air in your home.


The one thing that every apartment needs is plenty of surface area. We’re talking coffee tables, end tables, shelves and the like. When your guests don’t have anywhere to put your drink, that’s when your apartment will seem too small.


Get some plants and elevate them


Apartment living is much more convenient than owning a home, but there’s a part of every renter that wishes they had a backyard. Usually, the people with green thumbs find a way around the lack of green space by bringing their plants indoors We’re lucky to live in Texas where succulents are plentiful and you can create an in-home garden that doesn’t require much maintenance. Our one piece of advice for anyone hoping to put plants in their home; elevate them. Invest in a tall bookshelf and put your plants up there. This will draw your (and your guests’) eyes upwards, making your apartment seem larger.


Invest in Floating Shelves and Mirror Shelves


Earlier, we mentioned how important is to have surface area. Floating shelves are a great way to create surface area without sacrificing any floor space. Plus, they just look cool. Shelves with mirrors, like the one we linked to above, are more about creating the illusion of extra space. In fact, hanging mirrors of any kind in your apartment will make the walls seem farther apart than they actually are. Plus, mirrors spread light around, which helps brighten up dark corners and make your home seem even bigger.


With that, we’ve reached the end of our blog. Thanks for reading this week's post, residents! We hope these design tips help you create the apartment of your dreams. If you do decide to use some of these tips, snap some pics of them and tag us in your post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also follow Ellie Apartments on social media if you want to be among the first to know when the next blog will go live. Our social media feed is also a great place to learn about all the events, restaurant openings and other exciting things happening near your community of East Oltorf apartments.

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